Norm Architects:丹麦SørensenLeather新总部设计

Norm Architects:丹麦SørensenLeather新总部设计

  Norm Architects已经完成了SørensenLeather位于DK奥胡斯外的新总部内部设计。在这里,皮革在家具和其他方面营造出一种平静的凝聚感,整个内部都是舒缓的触感表面。

Norm Architects have completed the interior of Sørensen Leather’s new HQ outside Aarhus, DK. Here, leather creates a calm sense of cohesion on furniture and beyond—as a soothing tactile surface throughout the interior.

Norm Architects:丹麦SørensenLeather新总部设计


Adding an unspoken elegance that engages your senses, leather is an ideal material for all kinds of elements in the décor itself.

Norm Architects:丹麦SørensenLeather新总部设计

Norm Architects:丹麦SørensenLeather新总部设计

Norm Architects:丹麦SørensenLeather新总部设计


With the showroom and offices we wanted to echo the brand image and exude a mood of calm, conducive to connecting and creating. Demonstrating the leather’s creative potential, the space features an array of applications, including bespoke tables, cabinets and dividers, while also presenting the leather in context, showing how it corresponds to other natural materials such as wood and stone.

Norm Architects:丹麦SørensenLeather新总部设计


The soft hues and subtle leather surfaces contribute to the wellbeing of the staff and its guests, making work feel less like work. Along with home accessories and warmly textured natural materials that add to the decór.

Norm Architects:丹麦SørensenLeather新总部设计Norm Architects:丹麦SørensenLeather新总部设计

  “使用皮革为办公室和展厅组合创造定制解决方案一直是一个研究过程,了解皮革的特点,并寻找将其融入室内的方法:用软质半,半苯胺皮革覆盖整个会议桌结构,例如,SPECTRUM系列使表格脱颖而出,给人一种细腻的感觉。“– Laura Bilde, 主设计师

“Working with leather to create bespoke solutions for a combined office and showroom has been an educational process—understanding the characteristics of the leather and finding ways to integrate it in the interior: covering the entire conference table construction with soft, semi-aniline leather from the SPECTRUM collection, for instance, makes the form stand out and gives it a delicate touch.”– Laura Bilde, lead designer

Norm Architects:丹麦SørensenLeather新总部设计


Sørensen Leather is a global brand with some of the most high-end, sought-after leather in the world and over 450 colour variants in our portfolio. We continuously work with new concepts and are the exclusive source of leather for iconic designs found in museums, galleries and private collections around the globe. In a world often filled with artificiality, leather is natural, authentic, with an innate beauty that transcends time.


设计单位:Norm Architects




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