Urban Operations:洛杉矶山坡上的白色房屋

  斜切的墙壁,细长的窗户和受Le Corbusier影响的屋顶露台打破了这个住宅的厚实白色体积,这是Urban Operations建筑工作室在洛杉矶的个小山坡上的新项目。

Angled walls, slender windows, and a Le Corbusier-influenced roof deck break up the chunky white volumes of this residence, which architecture studio Urban Operations has built into a hill in Los Angeles.

Urban Operations:洛杉矶山坡上的白色房屋

  位于城市高地公园附近的东巴尔的摩街4752号的一座小山上,,Knowhow Shop也建造了一个多面的迷你工作室  一个2,400平方英尺(223平方米)的空间。

Locally based Urban Operations excavated a chunk from a hill at 4752 East Baltimore Street in the city’s Highland Park neighbourhood – where Knowhow Shop has also built itself a faceted mini studio – to make way for the 2,400-square-foot (223-square-metre) property.

Urban Operations:洛杉矶山坡上的白色房屋


Three white-stuccoed volumes stagger down the site, with each detailed with various openings, recesses and protrusions to make the most of light and surrounding views.

Urban Operations:洛杉矶山坡上的白色房屋

  “该设计将战略性山坡工程与一系列阶梯式模式相结合,然后以各种方向进行折叠和拼接,为确保产生统一的整体设计,”Urban Operations的项目描述说。

“The design marries strategic hillside engineering with a series of stepped programmatic volumes, which are then sliced and folded at various code-generated orientations in order to produce a unified holistic design,” said a project description from Urban Operations.

Urban Operations:洛杉矶山坡上的白色房屋

  住宅内的一系列户外区域为内部的每个空间提供外部通道。其中一个是屋顶平台,工作室基于Le Corbusier的早期现代主义别墅,通常包括顶部的花园,来着手设计这个能饱览格里菲斯公园和圣加布里埃尔山脉居民景观的建筑。

A series of outdoor areas across included in the residence provide each of the spaces inside with external access.Among these is a roof deck that the studio based on Le Corbusier’s early modernist villas, which typically included gardens on top. It offers residents vistas of the city’s Griffith Park and the San Gabriel Mountains.

Urban Operations:洛杉矶山坡上的白色房屋


Another terrace is located on the second level down, underneath an opening cut into the sloped roof above. This is followed by a third courtyard on the first level, which acts as the forecourt to the home’s main entrance. An outdoor staircase connects the middle storeys, while the garage for the residents’ cars occupies the lowest volume.

Urban Operations:洛杉矶山坡上的白色房屋

  住宅的外观主要是白色,但Urban Operations选择灰色作为室外空间的内墙。“我们使用石墨色的灰泥浆,它具有光滑表面,使建筑物呈现出更加优雅的质感- 因此某些区域的白色外围,看起来像是在从低向上渐渐剥落呈现光滑的皮肤。”

The exterior of the residence is predominantly white, but Urban Operations chose grey stucco for the inner walls of the outdoor spaces to add dimension to the volumes.”We used the graphite-coloured stucco, which has a similar smooth finish, in order to give the building mass more elegant volumetric properties – so that the white appears as a skin that is lifting off the underlying mass in some areas,” 

Urban Operations:洛杉矶山坡上的白色房屋

凹凸不平的灰色墙壁沿着房屋的侧面沿一个小阳台延伸,并在顶部设置一个角落庭院。 该工作室将该物业描述为“对洛杉矶风格独特的山坡住宅系列的当代致敬”。它是一个优化城市臭名昭着的丘陵地形的主人,还有FreelandBuck和Anonymous Architects为演员完成的住所。

Indented grey walls also run along the side of the house beneath a small balcony, and wrap a corner courtyard set at the top.The studio describes the property as “a contemporary homage to LA’s stylistically heterogeneous collection of hillside residences”. It is among a host that optimise the city’s notoriously hilly terrain, along with a lodged a stacked residence by FreelandBuck and a residence that Anonymous Architects completed for an actor.

Urban Operations:洛杉矶山坡上的白色房屋

绰号为Twin01,Urban Operations的财产是该网站的第一对,第二个属性是第一个的变体。由于即将到来的邻居,沿着较长的墙壁放置细长且较小的开口以保持隐私。

Nicknamed Twin01, Urban Operations’s property is the first of a pair for the site, with the second property intended as a variation of the first. Because of the impending neighbours, slender and smaller openings are placed along the longer walls to maintain privacy.

Urban Operations:洛杉矶山坡上的白色房屋

相反,大多数自然光由大型方形窗户提供,这些窗户刺穿面向街道的一侧以及光井。 “光井,其中一些高度为两层,是该项目的标志,因为较低的生活空间被挖到山坡上,并没有像房子上层那样多的开窗,”南方说。

Most of the natural light is instead provided by the large square-shaped windows puncturing the street-facing side, along with light wells.

“The light wells, some of which are two-stories in height, are a signature of the project, since the lower living spaces are dug into the hillside and do not have as much fenestration as the upper stories of the house,” said Southern.

Urban Operations:洛杉矶山坡上的白色房屋

其中两口井位于厨房上方,厨房是开放式一楼的一部分,还有起居和用餐区。顶层设有三间卧室和两间浴室。 酒店外部设有许多内部装饰,如折叠式白色厨房台面和白色墙壁。黑暗的细节 – 包括厨柜,浴室瓷砖和纺织品 – 在外面汲取深灰色灰泥的色调。

Two of these wells are positioned above the kitchen, which forms part of the open-plan first floor together with a living and dining area. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms occupy the top level.

A number of features inside draw from the exterior of the property, such as the folded white kitchen counter and the white-painted walls. Dark details – including kitchen cabinets, porcelain tiles in the bathroom, and textiles – pick up the tone of the dark grey stucco on the outside.

Urban Operations:洛杉矶山坡上的白色房屋

这些中性饰面,包括地板上的拉丝橡木板,在休息室和走廊中被一系列明亮的蓝色墙壁所抵消。 “强调颜色用于增强穿透房屋体积的光井,并为某些程序空间增加视觉引力,”建筑师说。 摄影由Eric Staudenmaier拍摄。

These neutral finishes, which also include wire-brushed oak planks on the floor, are offset by a series of bright blue walls in the lounge and hallway.”Accent colours were used to enhance the light wells that penetrate the volume of the house and add visual gravity to certain programmatic spaces,” said the architect.

Photography is by Eric Staudenmaier




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